What are the benefits from electric vehicles to the public grid?

What are the benefits from electric vehicles to the public grid?

At the beginning, people were sceptical of the way that electric vehicles would affect the
public grid. Many were afraid of power going down frequently and abnormal work of the
grid. But it seems that not only nothing like that is happening, but there are even benefits of
electric cars supporting the power grid.

Although there are still less electric vehicles on the streets than traditional petrol cars, there
are already signs that the more electric cars use the power from the grid, the more the grid
can benefit from the energy as well.

Since the implementation of electric vehicles, there has been a lot more investment in
developing batteries which in turn give better storage of energy. The battery density and
volume has been increasing and the prices begun to go down. The batteries that are said to
have the best energy density as well as the lowest price per cell have been a project of
collaboration of Tesla and Panasonic. The batteries are involved in some of the early grid
storage projects.

Thanks to electric vehicles, the grid frequency can be regulated by using Vehicle-to-Grid
(V2G) technology. In case of sudden decrease of energy supplied to the grid, the power used
to charge our cars can be used in different direction to help the grid withstand the shortfall.
This way the frequency is kept at a proper level. It is very helpful when more sources of
energy depend on intermittent renewable sources such as solar and wind.

However, this “borrowing” of energy will not cause our cars to loose the energy and not
charge enough for a ride, because as the solution becomes popular, cars will be equipped
with software that limits the energy allowed to be taken by the grid.

Electric cars can also be helpful in the event of a power failure, for example, during severe
weather conditions. Then, if special safeguards are installed, an electric vehicle can serve as
an energy source for your home. Systems such as LEAF-to-home, isolate the object they are
supplying with energy from the outside world to prevent power lines that could create a
dangerous situation when carrying power. If you don’t want to or can’t supply the whole
house with power from your EV, you can also charge up some individual devices.

Electric vehicles create the increase in demand for electricity. A few years back there was a
massive movement from electricity to LED lightning and other efficient solutions to save
money on power. But with the recent growth of electric cars popularity, the demand for
energy from the grid becomes more visible which in turn gives money to utility operators.

Source: insideevs.com