Summary from Electric Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2019 in Stuttgart

Summary from Electric Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2019 in Stuttgart

Last week we have been at the Electric Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany.
That was extraordinary experience for us and we would like to share our thoughts from that exhibition.

Tuesday, 7th May

● (10:30, Stand: 532)
As we promised, here is the first attraction of the first day of EV-tech expo 2019:
Continental’s stand! They are showing their newest solutions for car electrification
and powertrain. They know that electromobility is an important part of our future, so
they are constantly creating and developing technology. Continental is famous for
their electrification technologies which include: High Voltage Technologies, Charging
Technologies, 48 Volt Technologies or Super Clean Electrified Diesel. We are
expecting to take a look at some cool electric vehicle components such as the highly
integrated electric powertrain module or electric axle drive, which was showcased at
Auto Shanghai in 2017.

● (11:00, Stand: 1008)
We hope you are ready for next innovations! This time we’re visiting Dukosi and
getting to know their CMS Cell Monitoring System. In case you haven’t heard, the
company is from Edinburgh, UK, and specializes in cell based battery technology.
The uniqueness of this system is based on the fact that Dukosi’s solution, although
very small (5mm x 5mm CMOS chip) is able to sense and process temperature,
voltage and current data for each cell. It also has their own near field wireless
communication. This way all the data is analysed and sent to the battery pack
interface unit. We encourage you to learn more about Dukosi at their website:

● (11:30, Stand: 241)
Right now we are at the Elaphe stand and they are showing off their most powerful
compact in-wheel motor ever produced and newest vehicles powered by Elaphe
technology. Also, the company has announced that they will be presenting some of
their new flagship technology exclusively for the first time! Having seen their motors
and powertrain products, we are very curious to see what else they have in store!
Elaphe is a company from Slovenia and they are very ambitious pioneers in
production of in-wheel motors and in-wheel motor system, and they provide a whole
spectrum of services such as support in vehicle development and full development of
the propulsion system or custom development of automotive-grade control
electronics, advanced control software and many more. Visit their website for more
info and for details of their technology and products:

● (12:30, Stand: 1113)
Here at 3M stand we can learn more about their thermal conductive gap filler systems
for EV batteries/powertrain.We are going to be looking at a live product demo. 3M is
famous for effective technologies for managing heat such as thermally conductive
tapes, interface pads, epoxies, greases and more. However, we are interested the
most in their solutions and products for high thermal conductivity, flow and cure in
place, tunable curing time, high wet out and good conformability. We hope you are as
excited as we are!

● (13:00, Stand: 639)
Another amazing opportunity to see a successful company at their stand - Leoni is a
producer of wire, cable and wiring systems. Following their mission to connect the
world, they keep creating new ways for charging cables to withstand the high loads of
high-voltage charging. They are the creators of the LEONiQ technology which is
based on checking parameters throughout cables and providing necessary feedback.
You can find more information on their website: . We are
looking forward to see latest developments and can’t wait to show you what we have
seen here!

● (13:30, Stand: 314)
Stäubli, a company from Switzerland, is a global pioneer in providing mechatronics
solutions. On their stand we can see automated systems for high-power charging and
battery swapping. Since e-mobility is all about connections, the event couldn’t miss
the appearance of such influential company for this industry. Stäubli presents wide
range of connection systems, from electrical high-power connectors to non-spill fluid
couplings.The company provides solutions for three sectors: Connectors, Robotics
and Textile.

● (14:00, Stand: 924)
IP PowerSystems at their stand are presenting innovative battery cell filling. The
mechanical engineering company from Coswig, Saxony has a plant for filling and
sealing of lithium-ion cells. It is thanks to their battery technology that no special dry
atmosphere for transporting, filling or degassing of lithium-ion battery cells is needed.
We couldn’t resist coming to the stand and learning more about the variety of filling
strategies for enhanced wetting.

● (14:30, Stand: 318)
We all know that charging an EV - its time and speed - is a huge factor when you’re
considering purchase of an electric car. We always want to charge our cars faster and
more efficient, and we want to drive for longer periods between each charge.
Fortunately, there are companies that know our needs and constantly work to make
our dreams a reality. Today we will see HUBER + SUHNER's cooled cable systems,
technology that plays a huge part in improving the charging process in Europe and
America. Is charging with 500A going to be possible? We’re here to see!

● (15:00, Stand: 1126)
Last visit of today - Resodyn Acoustic Mixers! They are a company who provides
solutions for mixing and processing challenges using acoustic energy. Thanks to this
technology they are able to create new products which cannot be developed with
traditional methods. If you’re interested, head out to our gallery!

Wednesday, 8th May

● (10:30, Stand: 540)
It’s the second day of EV-tech expo 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. We are ready for
more exciting presentations. For a start we are visiting the company Ricardo who
provide virtual reality and co-simulation experiences. We are here to learn how such
technology can be used to improve the architecture of vehicles in the future in order
to reduce the costs of development and improve speed. We also encourage you to
get to know the Ricardo company through their website: .

● (11:00, Stand: 632)
We don’t need to introduce this company - Today, Siemens will present their solutions
to improve the efficiency of battery industry. They are the authors of revolutionary
global automation solutions and the Digital Enterprise Suite, which is their special
software for digital transformation. All this just to provide batteries with the highest
quality! Every fan of electric vehicles should be eager to know more! That’s why
we’re here to show you what they have prepared.

● (11:30, Stand: 940)
We are at the TE Connectivity Germany’s stand to see the AMP+ HVA 1200
high-voltage terminal and connector system for hybrid and electric vehicle systems
that they are presenting. Those are products that were created for use in hybrid and
electric vehicles. If you are wondering what this system provides, we’re here to tell
you - better packaging, improved performance and worldwide popularity. Check out
our gallery for cool photos of the stand!

● (12:30, Stand: 721)
Bosch Rexroth AG is presenting how multiple product line can improve and develop
the process of battery production. As we all know, in order to popularize eco mobility
and buying EV’s it is necessary to create a lot of batteries and a lot of different ones.
This is why Bosch Rexroth offers automated solutions to meet the industry
expectations and requirements regarding battery modules. We are eager to see what
they have in store!

● (13:00,Stand: 366)
Another interesting exhibition - Rockwell Automation is showing us the way for a
flexible, scalable and smart manufacturing. They created their OEM solution,
Conveyor, to improve productivity by increasing machine flexibility and throughput.
Also, they will showcase their second product which is the FactoryTalk Innovation
Suite - it’s aim is to transfer digital transformation across industrial enterprises. There
is undoubtedly a lot to learn and derive inspiration from!

● (13:30, Stand: 1025)
We’re at the stand where Henkel is showcasing its new - silicone-free - two-part -
cure-in-place - liquid gap filler that helps to dissipate heat for automotive battery
applications. The Henkel’s new product is a thermally conductive material with
exceptionally low assembly stress designed for automated dispensing and high
throughput production. Booth visitors can witness assembly stress testing and
participate in live dispensing at the Henkel workbench. We’re excited to be a part of it!

● (14:00, Stand: 424)
Breuckmann eMobility is working towards a more sustainable future by producing
high performance rotors for the automotive industry and setting higher standards for
components of electric motors.They have more than 50 years of operational
experience. Today they are presenting their High Performance Cast Rotors. The key
features of this product are: slot porosity near 0%, end ring porosity gating side near
0% and end ring porosity ejection side 0%.

● (14:30, Stand: 818)
Voltabox produces advanced battery solutions covering a voltage range from 12 V to
1000 V with an energy content from 120 Wh to 800 kWh. Their system are based on
replacing conventional lead acid or lead-gel batteries with high-performance
lithium-ion traction batteries. At their stand they will demonstrate their next generation
of lithium titanate powered, liquid-cooled high-voltage battery systems for use in
buses. The Voltabox system offers hot swap capabilities, an ISO 26262-compliant
design and also a ECE R 100 certification.

● (15:00, Stand: 602)
Dewesoft develops and manufactures universal and simple data acquisition systems
which are the ultimate tools for test and measurement engineers. We are going to see
its mobile R2DB Power Analyser. It allows to analyse AC and DC power at multiple
points of electric vehicles during real-drive tests, completely synchronous for up to 64
measurement channels (voltage, current, GPS, video, vibration, etc.). Just one
measurement tool is enough to thoroughly analyse all types of electric drivetrains,
in-wheel motors and auxiliary loads.

● (15:30, Stand: 365)
Nefab provides a wide range of transport packaging solutions. Today we can see how
to lift and pack the returnable vehicle pack transport box. The presentation includes
features supporting the exchange of batteries at the service workshop and
instructions how to use the packaging to return an EOL battery.

Thursday, 9th May

● (10:00, Stand: 410)
We are beginning the third and last day of EV Tech Expo 2019 by watching
Mitsubishi’s high-speed Scara robot demo that shows precise pick and place
exploiting Mitsubishi’s robotic, servo control and system control technologies,
including reporting production data in real time. The demo demonstrates that Li-ion
battery production requires high speed, precise and repeatable automation, especially
for assembly tasks.

● (10:30, Stand: 136)
Integral e-Drive’s stand is waiting for visitors to give them the possibility to talk to
senior e-Drive team members about the leading electric motor technologies. We can
see products such as motors, inverters and e-Axle’s. According to Integral e-Drive:
the technologies provide an exciting back drop to discussions with OEM’s as they
consider what’s new and what’s next for their own e-Mobility products and services.

● (11:00, Stand: 510)
DuPont is showing a prototype battery pack in order to demonstrate the solutions
made of various materials for battery pack components and assembly. Those are
made to improve the integrity of the structure, management of temperature and
efficiencies of assembly, as well as NVH and lightweighting attributes for a more
durable, longer-life battery pack. Among the solutions we can see plastics, adhesives,
films, electronic components, cables and connectors.

● (11:30, Stand: 265)
And we made it to the very last stand of this year’s expo - Würth Elektronik. Here we
are looking at their REDline HV and learning how to work on the protection of HV
electrical cable harness. As the company claims, the key features of the product
include connectorised fuse and relay box, HVIL, compact and rugged, customisable,
and intelligent (CAN + T° sensors).