Maintenance of electric cars

Maintenance of electric cars

Electric vehicles are great for many reasons, but mainly because they don’t pollute the
environment and require less maintenance than petrol cars. In this article you will learn how
the maintenance of electric cars looks like and how easier it is than taking care of traditional
cars. The reason of the differences in maintenance is caused by the fact that EVs have fewer
moving parts than Internal Combustion Engine vehicles. In our opinion this is a big benefit of
owning an EV that is not spoken about a lot but it might convince new potential drivers to
switch to the zero emission technology.


First of all, the battery needs to be monitored regularly. As it is the most important part of
the vehicle, it is recommended to take care of it. Of course, it is a natural process that after
some years the battery loses its original capacity and allows to travel with a less range than
before, but if you care for it, that process can be slowed down and give you many years of
peace. Some of the ways to take care of the battery is to never let it overcharge or drain
completely - you can use timers for that purpose. Also, it is recommended to avoid quick
charging if possible and instead charge your car at home in normal conditions. As batteries
are very expensive, you should implement those rules for your car so it can serve you for
more than the official warranty 8 years.

Another thing that is connected with battery are brakes. It is important to check the brake
wear, but thankfully it doesn’t seem to be a huge problem of EVs thanks to regenerative
braking, which is using an electric vehicle’s motor as a generator to convert the kinetic
energy lost when decelerating back into stored energy in the vehicle’s battery. Then, the
next time the car accelerates, it uses much of the energy previously stored from
regenerative braking instead of its own energy reserves. This way not only the brakes rarely
get worn but also you gain some extra power that can save you if you forget to charge your
vehicle enough or the road takes longer than anticipated.

Next, the tires - you should have them checked from time to time to prevent missing signs of
tire wear. Electric cars are heavier than petrol vehicles because of the battery they carry and
they deliver instant torque, so it’s common for this type of vehicles to need tire replacement.
You should also take note of the pressure which at its top level ensures comfortable and
smooth ride. It is also recommended to have your tires aligned every 6 - 12 months. If they
are aligned correctly, they should be serving you properly for longer.

You should regularly replace the cabin air filter. By driving an EV you already contribute to
the cleanness of the air for everyone, but remember about yourself - keeping your cabin air
filters clean helps eliminate smells from the outside of the car and get rid of allergens and
other sub-particles that access the cabin. It is recommended to replace the filters once a
year to ensure comfort and create healthy environment for yourself.

Another important step of your electric car check-up routine is topping up the fluids -
coolant (if applicable), brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid. The coolant is important to
keep the battery in a stable temperature without overheating or underheating which could
cause malfunctioning of the part. Brake fluid and windshield fluids are slightly less
important, because of rare damage of the parts, but from time to time it is essential to
change them to enjoy a long life of the car and less problems. Windshield fluids need to be
changed according to weather conditions, just like in petrol cars.

Last but not least, it is worth to update the software when it’s possible. Sometimes it can be
done automatically if you have that option, but if you don’t then keep track of the news.
Software updates are made to provide longer and smoother run of your EV, schedule
maintenance appointments and what’s important these days, improve security of the

If you are crazy about your electric car (and we believe that you are), you don’t have to be
told to take care of the outside of the car. We treat our cars as our showcase so we keep
them clean and watch out not to damage it by hitting small objects or walls. Of course it
depends on the driver.

We hope this article has shown you how little basic care electric cars require. In our view this
is a benefit of driving an EV because our goal for the future is to become zero emission and
free of unnecessary technology (and its fails).

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