Simple ways to add more range to your EV

Simple ways to add more range to your EV

Electric cars come in a whole variety of possible ranges. It differs among manufacturers and
models. What’s common for most drivers, regardless of the model of their EV, is that they all
want one thing - and that thing is more range. Some people can afford to buy better cars if
the ones they own are not at a satisfactory level, but this is not a solution everyone can
implement. Instead, we have gathered a bunch of ways to add range to your electric car so
that you don’t have to consider buying a new model, especially if your budget is limited.
Thanks to them you not only gain more range but also care for the whole vehicle.

First of all, control your speed. Try not to accelerate rapidly, because it drains the battery.
It’s common for everyone to be in hurry or be tempted to drive faster on an empty road, but
if you stick to driving under 90 km/h (60 mph) your car will return the favor and keep its
good shape for longer. Not to mention, you will avoid tickets.

If you want more range you should cautiously use the AC and heater functions. Those also
use a lot of energy and often are abused without much need. Remember that it’s good to let
the car cool/heat up while it’s still charging in the garage, this way the need for using
AC/heater will not be so big. In the summer you can also try to run only the fan or roll down
your windows and during winter try switching to heated seats/steering wheel, if your car has
that function. Get used to more balanced temperature, this way you not only care about
your car but at the same time about your health.

Adding weight to your car causes serious energy consumption. It’s ok to use the cargo space
in your trunk from time to time, but try to limit the things you load into your vehicle as much
as possible on a daily basis. The same goes for external additions to car such as roof racks
and cargo carriers - they cause your car to work harder and in the effect lose more energy.

Another good way to save more range is to plan your routes ahead. With the help of various
apps available on the market you can eliminate routes with heavy traffic, tough road
conditions, hills etc. and choose the one that will be more efficient for your vehicle. Also, if
you don’t know the way to your destination it is recommended to check it out so you don’t
have to waste the energy in case of getting lost or missing an important turn.

Take care of your car’s battery. Don’t let it overcharge, set timers to the charging process.
Also, avoid quick charging whenever it’s possible. We have mentioned it in our previous
article about maintenance of electric cars, what leads to another advice - don’t forget about
regular maintenance! With electric cars it takes less time and attention, but you must be
aware of the condition of your car’s parts and be consistent to the minimum of regular
maintenance which is changing fluids and checking your tires.

As you can see, there is so magic trick that gives you extra range - instead it requires from
the driver constant care of the vehicle and a lot of patience. We are sure that these simple
steps will help with adding more range and at the same time make you a cautious and
mindful driver.

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