Plans for electric mobility

Plans for electric mobility

The EV market is very dynamic and it’s constantly developing thanks to new technologies, upgrades
and higher demand for low/zero emission solutions. It’s a relief to finally observe the world being
fascinated by something that’s actually good for our planet. This is why we are not afraid to speculate
about the future and wonder what it holds for EVs in the upcoming years. Here’s a bunch of plans
and ideas for electric cars.

1. Electrification of fleet

The electrification of fleet can be observed not only among private businesses but it’s more and more
common with self-government units and companies which provide public services. Electric buses,
delivery trucks and other vehicles no longer surprise people worldwide, especially in large cities.
Electric vehicles are becoming a widely chosen fleet among businesses such as restaurants, postal
service, public transport etc.

2. Development of the charging points chain

The development of charging stations chain is a key element of the process of electrification. Many
companies worldwide decide to invest in installations of subsequent charging points to popularize
the use of electric vehicles. Vienna is a great example of the phenomenon, because they are already
planning to place a charging point every 400 m in the city.

3. Popularization of electric cars

Almost every car manufacturer these days has at least one electric option in their offer. This is a great
thing, because electric cars are no longer associated exclusively with luxury cars, inaccessible for the
majority of potential customers. It shows instead that no matter what you’re looking for in a car and
whatever the price range, you too can contribute to making the planet cleaner.

4. Exemptions for drivers and allowances for electric cars

Exemptions for drivers and allowances for electric cars are common incentives applied by
governments all over the world. Electric car owners can count on a variety of benefits, for example,
free parking spots in cities or exemption of some sort of costs. Allowances help people with the
purchase of their dream electric cars.

5. New license plates for electric vehicles

In some countries, starting next year, there will be special license plates for electric and hybrid cars.
The numbers will be placed over a green background. This will allow to quickly identify low emission

6. Development of micro mobility

According to the United Nations forecasts, by 2050, 6 in 10 people will live in a city. The car
manufacturers are already facing a challenge which is designing compact vehicles which will perform
movement in a 10 km range in the urban area: facilitate route to workplace, running errands, etc.
and at the same time drive trough busy streets or fit in a crowded parking lot.
As you can see, there are some interesting plans to look forward to. Some of them have already been
in use for some time, such as benefits for electric cars drivers, and some are new ideas - the new
license plates. All in all, it’s good to take a moment to appreciate the modern technology and hope
for even better future for us all.