Which electric car is worth buying and why - PART II

Which electric car is worth buying and why - PART II

Some time ago we have published a post with our types of EV’s that we thought were worth recommending.
Today we present you an updated list with another 5 electric cars worth buying in 2019.


1. BMW i3

- a simple, great car for urban use with a 125kW electric motor. It has spacious, elegant and
comfortable interior and a small boot. It’s very agile and easy to handle. The average cost is around
£34,000. The official range is 130 to 160 km and up to 200 km in the most efficient driving mode.

2. Kia Soul EV

- a great choice for those who like smooth and comfortable drives. It’s quite expensive but equipped
with a 81kW electric motor. It’s faster than an average battery powered car. Kia quotes a 132-mile
range. It’s very practical and comfortable. The cost of such EV is around £29,995.

3. Renault Zoe

- it’s one of the cheapest EV’s in this chart and one that is the most probable to go popular. It’s elegant
and at the same time casual. It costs £25,495 for a new car. It has considerably longer battery range of
up to 250 miles. Its biggest advantages are quick acceleration and easy steering on a steady urban
ride. Definitely a car for a first-time electric vehicle purchase!

4. VW e-Up

- a car for day-to-day short distance and length drives. Can’t say it has a powerful range - it’s only 99
miles. However, it’s certainly tax and environment wise efficient. The biggest downside is the price for
this car - £20,780 pricetag (including £4500 government grant). It has to be a mindful decision, but the
car will be worth it in a long run, if this simplicity is what you need.

5. Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

- a nicer experience than the petrol version and has zero tailpipe emissions. The battery is placed under
the car so there is a lot of space inside and in the boot. It has class-leading 6.95-metre turning circle.
Again, the car is not cheap - €21,940 in Europe, but it’s compact, agile and comfortable.


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