Which electric car is worth buying and why? Zeremi.com types

Which electric car is worth buying and why? Zeremi.com types

Electric vehicle - reasons why its worth it?

The main benefits of electric vehicles are low costs of operation and ecological aspect. You can forget
refueling your car and instead use multiple free charging stations, which number is still growing.
Some other advantages are: tax credits planned by the government, quiet and comfortable driving
and, last but not least, the automotive branch is quickly developing in this direction. However, for
many people the price of an electric car can be a minus - but contrary to the common belief, this type
of vehicles is no longer reserved for the rich.

Which electric vehicle to choose?

We have selected 4 electric car models that we recommend to buy. We focused mainly on the
availability to purchase given cars in Poland and the availability of car service and spare parts. Our
types are listed below:

1. Nissan Leaf


- the unquestionable favorite for two reasons. First of all, its attractive price. The
pricelist of Nissan Leaf begins at just above 30.000 € which makes it one of the cheapest
electric vehicles of the class in Europe. Moreover, it’s available immediately and can be serviced in
Nissan’s salons. The newest version (year 2019) has also greater range than the previous one (in city
communication it can run for 415 km, in alternate - 270 km) and power of 150 km. In our opinion
Leaf currently offers the best price ratio to quality and performance compared to all electric vehicles
currently available on the polish market.

2. Hyundai Ioniq Electric

- it is one of the biggest electric vehicles, which definitely makes it stand out
in a competitive market. It can fit four adults comfortably, though there are theoretically 5
passenger seats. It is the only car available in this segment in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric
vehicle. The latter is undoubtedly the most expensive version - Ioniq Electric costs just under 40.000 €.
For this price we can get a nice and practical compact car with a 280 km

3. Renault Zoe

- the cheapest but also the smallest option in our chart. Zoe has a motor of a humble
power of 88 km, which is only suitable for urban driving. Besides, its measurements do not foster
longer tours. In its cheapest version Zoe costs around 20.000 € and with a fully charged
battery it can run a distance of 300 km. It’s an interesting choice if you’re looking for a small car.

4. Tesla

- it may seem strange to put a Tesla last on the list of top electric vehicles, however, based on
our criteria, this is our verdict. Tesla is last in our chart because of its price - depending on the model
and equipment version, the prices range from 70.000 € to 120.000 €. The
cheapest on the market, Tesla 3 in its standard version costs 43.000 € and it is still a lot,
considering central Europe current economy. However, the prices are adequate to the cars’ performance -
average range up to 500 km, battery of almost 100 kWh and speed of 100 km/h reached in seconds
are just the beginning of a whole set of Tesla’s advantages.


In our list, based on possibility of purchase and availability of car service and spare parts per model in
Europe, we have chosen to distinguish 4 electric cars that in our opinion are best for potential
owners, depending on what you are looking for in your dream electric car. If you’re thinking of buying
an electric car, you can use this list as a guide, but take your time to do your own research, because
there’s still a lot to know about electronic market and possibilities that it can give. We hope you find
this chart helpful and that we convinced you that electric vehicles are worth buying.


source Autocar.com, TopGear.com