Type2 EV Charger/Wallbox with charging cable 7,2kW

Type2 EV Charger/Wallbox with charging cable 7,2kW

EV Charger/Wallbox with charging cable Type2, 1-phase
- 32A, 220V ± 10%
- Power up to 7,2kW
- Car site Type 2 connector(EU version)

Security Warning

1. Failure to follow instructions may result in danger!
2. Regularly check whether the charging station has visible damage, and there may be a electric shock hazard when operating the damaged charging station.
3. Make sure that all safety facilities are available at all times and test regularly to ensure proper operation.
4. If a ground fault occurs, it must be assumed that the base's cable carries the voltage, and after confirming that no high-voltage power is available in the system, the charging station is inspected.
5. Persons who install and use charging poles must observe the principles and regulations to ensure the personal safety and equipment safety of the personnel concerned.
6. Before powering on the device, please confirm that the device is properly grounded to avoid unnecessary accidents.
7. All tools used do not need exposed metal parts should be insulated to prevent exposed metal parts from touching the metal frame, causing a short circuit.
8. Do not modify, retrofit, or change any part by yourself under any circumstances.
9. Ensure the service life and operation of the charging pile are stable, and the environment for use of the equipment should be kept as clean, constant temperature and humidity as possible. The charging pile must not be used in the presence of volatile gas or flammable atmosphere.
10. Be sure to confirm that the input voltage, frequency, circuit breakers and other conditions of the device have already met the specifications before the device is powered on.

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