Our goal?

  To connect those who want selling or buying products that help saving our planet from pollution, and thus speed up the process of entering into a new era of the zeroemmision world.

What motivates us?

    Imagine that in a very near future electric cars will take over most of the market and hybrid technology will be available everywhere. Think that by going to the store you will be able to charge the phone through the smart sensors in a sidewalk. Your phone will be such a powerful device that will allow you to buy any item that you receive in a packet, transported by drone. In a moment you will need a new faster charger at home for your car, motorcycle or perhaps a robot that will cut your lawn?

   All this can become real in a few years thanks to increasing number of people who love renewable, clean and electric energy. Thanks to such people, out of their passion and concern for the surrounding world, we have created this place - Zeremi.com.

Zeremi.com is nothing but a platform, a place for people who want to offer all sorts of produtcs - items, tools and services, which aim is to promote ZERoEMIssion.

Who are we?

    We have begun as a startup, based on a simple idea of a few friends and eco-enthusiasts. We intend to be a huge online trading platform that is modern and innovative through the products it is offering. Our aim is not to sale whatever but rather to create a niche for these who want to trade the products that cotribute in reducing polution.

On the nearlbe futuere our customers could choose from hundreds of offers avaliable on Zeremi.com. Everyday, several hundred items will be sold through the website. Amogng all purchased items, over 90 percent are new and sold at a fixed price.

   We are listen carefully to your opinions and try to meet your needs. We are active users of our website - helping, advising and controlling of its function. We are watching over the development and security of Zeremi.com in a team of our employees who work in Poznan. Most of them are top-class specialists in the field of technology.

   The sale on our platform is run by many international professional, registered companies: shops, importers, distributors, producers from around the world. Most of them are small and medium commercial enterprises, but not only; there are also many private users here. Thanks to this, Zeremi.com not only contributes to the continuous improvement of standards on the e-commerce market: caring for consumer rights, but also supporting the development of international trade, entrepreneurship in the zero-emission branch.

   We have provided you with many specialized services and tools at your disposal. You can use our solutions proficiently on the computers, smartphones and tablets. At Zeremi.com you can buy for example a new charger for your e-car and sell your old one at the same time. This way your old item may gain a second life, keeping the world a bit cleaner.