Zeremi.com Account



To register at Zeremi.com, use the login form located in the upper right corner of the website.


To go to the registration form, click on the link "Sign up"

Then fill in the fields of the form and specify the type of account (private / company).


 Login to the account

Once the account is created, via the registration form, the user has control on own profile data, incl.password, can create/edit/add own ads, and correspond with other users

Zeremi.com allows logging in by using your e-mail address, provided during registration

The login form is located in the upper right corner:

Enter your e-mail address (one you used during account registration) and password, then click "Login".
If you have problems with logging in, make sure that the e-mail address and password you entered are correct (check whether you provide a valid e-mail address without typos, additional spaces or other misspelled characters)



 Password change

Variant I - I remember the password, but for some reason I want to change it

Each user has an option to change their password. You can do it in "Your account" panel.

To change the password, please log in and go to the panel by clicking on the link "Your account", which appears instead of the login button:

Then select the "Settings" tab (1), the "Change Password" link (2) is located at the bottom

Enter your new password twice and accept the change by clicking "Update password"

Variant II - I do not remember the password, I want to reset it
To reset the password, select the option "Forgot your password?" in the login form, then enter the e-mail address assigned to the account in the form that pops up. A message sent to your e-mail address will direct you to the password change website. Enter the new password and confirm it with the "Update" button.


 Zeremi advertisements

 What ads can I add at Zeremi.com

The Zeremi.com portal is focused only on eco friendly vehicles and all services associated with them.
Sales announcements can only be added in the categories below.

  1. Electric Vehicles
    1. Cars
    2. Delivery Cars
    3. Trucks
    4. Buses
    5. Construction Vehicles
    6. Agricultural Vehicles
    7. Motorcycles and Scooters
    8. Bicycles
    9. Water Equipment
    10. EV Charging
    11. Others
  2. Hybrid Vehicles
    1. Cars
    2. Delivery Cars
    3. Trucks
    4. Agricultural Vehicles
    5. Construction Vehicles
    6. Buses
  3. Electric vehicles parts and accessories
    1. Electric engines and equipment
    2. Transmission systems
    3. Batteries and Accumulators
    4. Electrical systems
    5. Suspension systems
    6. Braking systems
    7. Steering systems
    8. Body parts
    9. Interiors
  4. Services
    1. Repair of electric vehicles
    2. Construction of electric vehicles
    3. Reconstruction of electric vehicles
    4. Reconstruction of hybrid vehicles
    5. Tuning of electric vehicles
    6. Repair of hybrid vehicles
    7. Electricity generation
    8. Devices for generating electricity