Terms and conditions

Rules and Regulations of the Zeremi.com Advertising Portal

I Initial provisions

1) The Rules and Regulations specify the terms and conditions by which the portal “Zeremi.com” is
     to provide its customers with services consisting in enabling the placement of Advertisements on
     the Website.
2) The main premise of the Zeremi.com Website is vehicles and services related to vehicles
     commonly considered as ecological.
     Presented below is the list of the main categories in the Website’s Advertisements:
            a) Electric vehicles
            b) Hybrid vehicles
            c) Hydrogen vehicles
            d) Parts and accessories for electric and hybrid vehicles
            e) Services related to ecological cars
3) Access gain to the functionality of the Zeremi.com Website is enabled provided using a device
    that connects with the Internet and is equipped with a commonly used Internet browser.


II Definitions

The meaning of hereinafter used terms is as follows:
     1) The Operator - The TuneFORCE company (headquarters: Krzeszowicka 25, 60-003 Poznań). Can
         be contacted by Users at info@zeremi.com ;
     2) Zeremi.com Website or Website - an online classified service under the name “Zeremi.com” run
         by the Operator in English, allowing posting and browsing of Advertisements, available in the
         zeremi.com domain;
     3) Announcement - a sales announcement prepared by the User with regard to items or services
         related to the subject of ecological vehicles posted on the Website, on the conditions stipulated in
         the Rules and Regulations;
     4) Goods - items or services offered in the area of European Union, which may the subject of
         Advertisements in accordance with the Rules and Regulations;
     5) The User - a natural person who is over 18 years of age and has full legal capacity, a legal person
         or an organizational unit without legal personality but who may acquire rights and incur liabilities
         in its own name, who created an Account or placed an Announcement, pursuant to the Rules and
     6) Account - assigned to a given User, identified by means of an email address, a part of the Website
         by means of which the User may perform specific actions within the Website (administrative
         panel Zeremi.com).
     7) Rules and Regulations - these terms and conditions;


III General terms and conditions of using the Website

     1) The Advertisement is placed by the User who determines its content. The content of the
         Advertisement must be consistent with the actual condition of the Goods.
     2) Placement of the Advertisement should reflect the actual intention of the transaction to which the
         Advertisement is related.
     3) Advertisements are available to all Internet users. After clicking the appropriate window, the
         phone number is displayed to each user. The Advertisement is attached with a form that any
         registered User can use.
     4) One Advertisement may refer to only one type of Goods and the content of the Advertisement
         must clearly and unambiguously specify whether the Goods are a specific set or single Product
         and indicate whether the price specified by the User concerns the set or single type of Goods.
         However, it is possible to add information in the Announcement regarding the availability of the
         Goods in various colors. The same type of Goods can only be the subject of a single
     5) The User is responsible for the published content (including photos) and guarantees that they are
         consistent with the facts and the law, and their publication does not violate the rights of the
         Operator, the Rules and Regulations and the rights of third parties, including copyrights.
     6) The content of the Announcement should clearly refer to the type of Goods, describe it
         accurately, reliably and completely, and can not mislead other Users, in particular as to the
         ownership of the Goods, such as its quality, parameters, condition, origin, brand or manufacturer.
     7) The User agrees to the publication of the Announcement on the Website, at the same time
         consents to its publication and publication of elements (including photos contained in the
         advertisement) with partners and social network profiles of the Operator (Facebook, Twitter,
         Instagram, YouTube, etc.). Publication of Advertisement at partners and social profiles is free of
         charge and is aimed at acquiring as many potential recipients as possible.
     8) The Operator protects Users' personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy, as set out in the
         Annex to the Rules and Regulations, which is its integral part.


IV Announcements - Account

     1) Placing an Announcement requires the acceptance of the Rules and Regulations, filling out the
         appropriate form by the User and creating an Account.
     2) Creating an Account next to the activation of Adverts provides the User with full access to his
         Advertisements (e.g. to modify them) and correspondence with other Users. Account activation
         occurs after indicating the password and e-mail address by the User on the appropriate
         Zeremi.com website. After completing the activities referred to in the previous sentence, the
         Operator sends to the e-mail address provided by the User a message indicating how to activate
         the Account (activation link) and other information required by law.
     3) Creating an Account and/or placing the first Announcement is tantamount to conclusion of a
         contract between the User and the Operator regarding the provision of services under the
         conditions stipulated in the Rules and Regulations.
     4) In the case of legal persons and organizational units, create an Account on their behalf and carry
         out any further activities on the Website may only a person who is authorized to act in this respect
         on behalf of these entities.
     5) The User may own and use only one Account on the Website.
     6) It is forbidden to use temporary e-mail addresses, both for creating an Account and placing an
     7) Provision of services by the Operator is perpetual, however, the User can delete the Account at
         any time and thus terminate the contract with the Operator by sending his statement in this regard
         via e- mail to the following address: info@zeremi.com .


V Posting and editing Advertisements

     1) Placing an advertisement on the Zeremi.com Website requires:
         a) the establishment of possession of a User Account,
         b) filling out the form available on the Zeremi.com website, including placing the content of
             the Announcement,
         c) activation of the Announcement, while the activation of the Free Admission is done by
             clicking on the activation link sent to the User's e-mail address. On the other hand, the
             activation of the Paid Advert is carried out by making a payment (in full amount due) in
             accordance with point 8) of the Rules and Regulations.
      2) After adding the Advertisement on the Website, it is verified by Zeremi.com’s team, information
          regarding activation will be sent to the e-mail address provided upon creating the Account.
      3) The Announcement issue starts immediately after the administrator has been verified and
          accepted and takes 30 days.
      4) By using the form referred to above, the User may add Photo adverts in the quantity and formats
          specified on the Website.
      5) The Advertisement can be placed only in English.
      6) In the content of the Announcement (in its description and attached photos), the User can not post
          e-mail addresses, website addresses, telephone numbers and IM numbers. E-mail address, phone
          number or IM number can be placed only in the indicated fields in the Announcement form. The
          Operator reserves the right to remove the Advertisements that contain the data in a way that
          violates this provision.
      7) During the period of Announcement, the User may modify the content of the Announcement and
          its parameters (with the exception of the category in which it is published), delete the
          Advertisement and choose the option to extend the time of issue of the Announcement.
      8) The time for issuing the Announcement is prolonged immediately after its activation.
      9) After 30 days of the end of the emission, the Advertisement will be automatically removed from
      10) The Advertisement cannot refer to the search of the Goods.
      11) Advertisements may only apply to Goods which are assigned to the indicated categories in the
             first paragraph of these Rules and Regulations.


VI The Rules of Responsibility

      1) The Operator allows Users to place Advertisements on the Zeremi.com Website without
           interfering with the form and content of these Advertisements, subject to the provisions below.
      2) The User undertakes not to place Advertisements with Goods the sale of which violates
          applicable law or third party rights.
      3) The Operator is not responsible for improper performance or non-performance of contracts
          related to the Advertisements by the Parties.
      4) The Operator is not responsible for the quality or legality of the Goods offered, the accuracy and
          reliability of information provided by Users, as well as the ability of sellers and buyers to perform
      5) The violation of the Rules and Regulations is recognized by e.g. manipulation of keywords in the
          offer, issuing Announcements in the wrong category, reservation in the content of the
          Announcement regarding the dispatch of the Goods only by prior payment of the price by the
          buyer. The above actions will result in the Operator taking appropriate actions not excluding the
          removal of the Advertisement or the blocking of the Account.
      6) The Operator reserves the right to delete the Advertisement if it violates in any way the
          provisions of the Rules and Regulations or the law, in particular when the it contains:
          a) content universally recognized as offensive,
          b) content bearing the traits of unfair competition,
          c) content violating goods customs, copyrights or other intellectual property rights,
          d) content that harms the goods name or reputation of the Operator or its partners,
          e) misleading content.
      7) The Operator is not responsible for:
          a) lack of interest in the subject of the Announcement,
          b) fulfillment of Users' obligations resulting from warranty and guarantee regarding the
              subject of the Announcement,
          c) force majeure, IT systems or devices from the Independent Operator,
          d) statements made by the User to the other party to the transaction,
      8) The Operator has the right to remove any Advertisement or block an Account if there is a
          suspicion that through the Announcement or the Account could or may happen activities that
          threaten the security of other Users on the Website. Similarly, in the case where the
          Announcement negatively affects the Operator's good name or otherwise harms the Operator.
      9) In the situation where the Account or the User's activity on the Zeremi.com Website requires
          additional verification of the data, in the event that the Operator takes legitimate concerns about
          the security of the Account (in particular, the unauthorized takeover of the Account by another
          person) the Operator may make the use of Zeremi.com dependant from credible confirmation of
          the User's identity. After the above mentioned circumstances have ceased, the Operator will
          abolish these restrictions applied to the User.

VII Complaint procedure

      1) The User may submit complaints regarding non-performance or improper performance of the
          service by the Operator, within 14 days from the day of ending the Announcement issue or the
          day on which the issue should be ended.
      2) Complaints can be submitted via electronic correspondence to the following address:
      3) The complaint should contain at least the name and surname, the User's e-mail address assigned
          to the Account, the URL address of the complaint or other data allowing identification of the
          Announcement, the period of issue, circumstances justifying the complaint, as well as specific
          User's request related to the submitted complaint.
      4) If the data or information provided in the complaint need to be supplemented, the Operator,
          before examining the complaint, will ask the User to supplement it in the indicated scope.
      5) The operator recognizes the complaint within 14 days from the date of receipt of a correctly filed
          complaint. The User will receive information on the method of handling the complaint via
          electronic correspondence to the email address assigned to the Account.

VIII Payments

     1) The User may use both paid and free services on the Website. Payment for paid services is made
         in advance, i.e. for the whole in the meaning of the package that the User chose, the length of the
         purchased promotion service and other related services, by using the payment in accordance with
         the rules of use of the PayPal website.
     2) The Operator does not charge additional fees for carrying out payment transactions via PayPal.

IX Final provisions

     1) The Rules and Regulations are available on the Zeremi.com Website, and also sent via e-mail to
         the User's e-mail address in cases required by relevant legal regulations.
     2) The Operator will inform about the change in the the Rules and Regulations by publishing
         information on the Zeremi.com website. The changes come into force on the date indicated by the
         Operator, not shorter however than 7 days from the date of placing the information on the
         Zeremi.com Website. Services activated prior to the entry into force of the changes will be
         performed on the current conditions, further activations are possible on current conditions.
     3) Unless mandatory legal provisions provide otherwise, the law applicable to the entire contract
         between the User and the Operator, the subject of which is the provision of services by the
         Operator under the conditions specified in the the Rules and Regulations, is the European Union
     4) All disputes related to the services provided by the Operator as part of the Zeremi.com Website
         will be resolved by the competent Polish common courts.